RaSDR is a agile and lightweight SDR Software for HiQSDR. It is developed for embedded linux on Raspberry PI, but it runs also on PC Linux or Windows. The goal is the development of a standalone device. All complex filter tasks are calculated on the FPGA, demodulation, control and display are tasks for the software. RaSDR handles external buttons, knobs or encoders, connected via GPIO-Module on HiQSDR. User Interface can be changed from touch screen to a LCD-Text Display or only some LED.

RaSDR on small touch screens:


RaSDR on big screens:



RaSDR need FPGA Version 1.3-sg7. Older version will not work.

	tar -zxvf rasdr_x.y.z.tgz
	cd rasdr 
	qmake-qt4 rasdr.pro


RaSDR has some command line parameters:

	usage: ./rasdr [-h] [-s] [-l 0|1|2] [-t] [-v debugLevel] [-p ip] [-a devive]

	  -a           use audiodev
	  -d                     start with defaults
	  -h                     display this help
	  -p                 hiqsdr ip
	  -s                     use samplerate 48k, default is 8k
	  -l [0|1|2]             use layOut n
	  -t                     touchscreen mode (fullscreen, no mouse pointer)
	  -v  debug output

Mic slider in position 0 activates the automatic gain control for tx. Gain slider in position zero activates the rx agc. Noice blanker slider in upper position deactivates der noice blanker.

Some settings, like colors, are only available on the ini-file. The linux ini-File is: ~/.config/sdr/rasdr.conf. The windows operating system saves the values in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\sdr\rasdr.


RaSDR Version 1.3.0 (src)
RaSDR Version 1.3.0 (Windows binary)
RaSDR Version 1.2.0 (src)
RaSDR Version 1.2.0 (Windows binary)