gr-hiqsdr is a extension to make HiQSDR usable with GNU Radio. After installing you will find two new modules: HiQSDR sink and HiQSDR source.

HiQSDR source is the module to make the HiQSDR receiver usable in GNU Radio. All controls are included in this module, also the controls for the transmitter.

Here is a 2-Tone-Test with 480kHz bandwidth.


The running script:


Version 0.3.0 has preliminary support for adaptive digital predistortion. The following images showing a 'slightly' overdriven 2-Tone signal. The first image shows the signal is without predistortion.


The next picture shows the same signal with predistortion enabled. The TX output is connected through a 20dB attenuator with RX input. After activation of the DPD button, a brief training sequence is running. Now the signal appears much better. After changing frequency or TX level, this sequence must be repeated. For this, turn DPD button off and on again.



First download and install GNU Radio (look here).

If gnuradio-companion starts, download the extension, unpack the tgz file, cd to gr-hiqsdr and use the common way to install:
	mkdir build
	cd build
	cmake .. 
	sudo make install
	sudo ldconfig 


GNU Radio HiQSdr 0.3.1 experimental support for adaptive digital predistortion, needs fpga version sg8
GNU Radio HiQSdr 0.2.0 Support for FPGA-1.3-sg7, for GNURadio 2.7.2
GNU Radio HiQSdr 0.1.4 Support for FPGA-1.3-sg4
GNU Radio HiQSdr 0.1.3 bugfix: off-by one-error in blocksize
GNU Radio HiQSdr 0.1.2 with support for wide band tx, fix: IQ for tx mirrored
GNU Radio HiQSdr 0.1.1 for Gnuradio 3.6.x
GNU Radio HiQSdr 0.1.0
2-Tone test script for Version 0.2.0
predistortion test for version 0.3.0